When you decide to look into a massage chair that is under $1000, the number of choices is rather limited. However, this makes BESTMASSAGE BM-EC161 a great product since it means all your options will be rushing to stand out.

The BESTMassage has a patented pneumatic system which allows the user , control and flexibility for their comfort, and is adjustable to their desired height.

As the saying goes, “There’s more than one way to relieve stress”, and now there are even more options!

The BESTMassage allows you to take control of your relaxation, as opposed to leaving it up to someone else.

This allows you to be specific in what you’re looking for during the massage. The BESTMassage provides all the basic features found on a retail model, but at a fraction of the cost!

Some of the features included in this massage chair are:



Zero Gravity Recliner

Zero Gravity feature in BESTMASSAGE BM EC161

Since we all lead crazy busy lives nowadays, it’s important that you can experience total relaxation whenever you want. The Bestmassage BM-EC161 zero gravity massage chair is what you need to help relieve stress from everyday activities. 

It has a stylish modern design that will look great in any room and will fit most body types. The zero gravity reclining backrest allows the back to be fully supported as it relaxes while the head and neck are elevated cushioned with an integrated head pillow. 

The ergonomically shaped, contoured seat and lumbar pillow provide outstanding pressure-point relief. For a guaranteed stress-free night’s sleep, enjoy its inbuilt zero gravity feature while you rest.

Heat Treatment

Heath Therapy in BESTMASSAGE BM-EC161

This chair features a heat treatment. Heat treatment is the advanced technology of the heat and massage process. 

When you use this Techno-driven chair, all acupoints, meridians, and muscles could be relaxed and softened by a digital system massage technique which will improve your recovery.

Advanced L-Track Technology

L-track technology actually mentioned in the study published by experts from Cardiff University and Sheffield Hallam University. These researchers found that, among the others, L-track is a type of massage that makes the spine function better and creates more flexibility in it. 

It really is a good way to help your lumbar region, especially when you are seeking massage services at an outlet like 6Fingers.The L track technology gives a good buttock massage, using motors in the seat to move the lower back and upper leg sections of the chair. 

An additional innovation is that air chambers are incorporated into the seat for a nice gentle thigh massage.


There are 4 built-in programs in this massage chair that offer “Recover”, “Extend”, “Relax” and “Refresh” along with a speed option. These programs will massage different parts of the body: neck, shoulder, waist, lower back, thighs, legs, and feet.

You can use these programs while sitting or lying down.

Shoulder Positioning

People have different body positions and preferences. It is essential to be comfortable while positioning yourself but in some of the massage chairs shoulder position is not quite right.

However, it is not the case in the Bestmassage BM-161. Thanks to its auto-adjusting sensors that find the correct position for your shoulder so that you can enjoy an optimum therapeutic experience.

Types of Massages

Air Bag Massage feature.

No matter what type of massage you’re in the mood for, BM-161 is the way to go.They offer four different types of massage including neck massage, shoulder massage, back massage, and buttock massage.

Also, such massage services are provided by professional therapists so you know that your money is well spent here.

Massage Strength

The massage quality is fairly strong so if you’re someone that enjoys a stronger massage, then the BM-EC161 s going to be able to deliver that.If you’re big and tall and are looking for a full body massage then this is probably the chair for you. It has a wide variety of massage options. 

You can also save energy by lowering the intensity, to ensure you never have to pay extra on your electricity bill.Some of the results from the reviews are quite interesting. They suggest that this program is good for anyone who wants to begin engaging in high-intensity or vigorous massage. 

Users say it does have an option of adjusting the intensity but even the gentle intensity option is not as soothing as it should be. Despite the strong massage features customers find that it is good for promoting sleep and relaxing sore muscles. 

Quietest Operations

There’s no need to shut out the world when you are healing. The chair’s soothing, spa-like massage experience is enhanced by a technology called Quiet Technology that removes the noise that can ruin the fantasy of your massage experience. 

This is because of the reduced noise it produces, thanks to the LSS Track technology that muffles vibration and sound. Its high-performance components are designed to work together to deliver a total experience not found in other lower-end chairs. 

Comfort Level

Although not everybody has as much space in their home as they would like, many have very nice rooms including at least one comfortable chair. 

But what makes a comfortable chair? Certainly, a big, plush cushion is important, but so is sturdy construction, an adjustable design, and a reasonable price. Take comfort to the next level with the Bestmassage Bm-ec161 massage Chair.

Pros & Cons

  • Satisfactory operations
  • Best for you if strong massage is your preference 
  • Features long L-Track offering neck to thigh massage
  • Offers you a wide range of features in this price range 
  • A little too rough for some people
  • Very heavy 
  • Not suitable for taller users 
  • The Remote is not mounted on the chair

Our Thoughts About BESTMASSAGE BM-EC161:

If you prefer modern living to country living, then this BestMassage chair is ideal for you. The Bestmassage Bm-ec161 Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair lets you sit back, relax and enjoy its full range of massage programs. 

Having an under-seat heating system, independent neck pillow adjustment, and different massage positions, you’ll find a massage program to soothe every part of your body.BM-EC161 syncs up with a patented motor system to glide your lower back, thighs, and calves through a 360° range of motion with the touch of a button. 

The motions of this chair are based on those by professional massage therapists and have proven to help relieve stress and pain.With the use of its patented zero gravity technology, you will feel like you are floating on a cloud for ultimate relaxation. 

However, you can also delight yourself with more advanced massage chairs by reading about Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Review.

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