Best Massage for Shoulder Pain

If you suffer from shoulder pain from working at a desk, you know that it’s the exact opposite of relaxing. 

It’s so bad that no matter how many massages you get, it just never lasts. The shoulder massage can sometimes be right in your home, for free!

You’re reading this blog because you want to know about the best massage for shoulder pain

Your shoulders hurt and you don’t know what to do about it. 

You probably haven’t received any answers to your question from friends or family, who just tell you it will get better by itself – they can always be really helpful. 

I know you’re looking for an actual answer that will help you find out what is the best massage for shoulder pain. 

In this article, we will give you brief info about reasons for shoulder pain, tools, and massage techniques to recover from shoulder pain.  

So, let’s talk about it!

The causes of a stiff and painful shoulder

1 in 3 people suffers from a stiff or painful shoulder. This can occur for many reasons.

The most common causes are poor postural habits, repetitive movements at work, muscular imbalance, a torn rotator cuff muscles, inflammation, pinched nerves, bursitis, and arthritis.

Shoulder impingement that causes restriction and irritation of the rotator cuff, bursa, and ligaments, also causes shoulder injuries. 

To achieve a pain-free shoulder, it is essential to look at all possible treatment options. 

There are many simple exercises and stretches you can do to reduce pain and restore range of motion. 

To learn how to deal with a painful or stiff shoulder, keep reading the article until the last dot.

Proven Shoulder Massage Techniques

What effects do frequent shoulder massages on the human body? Can it really heal us physically and mentally? 

Some experts believe shoulder massage can help in healing our mind, body, and soul. 

In fact, several studies such as the one published in the CMAJ Journal suggests that individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome who undergo shoulder massage are less likely to re-experience pain, frozen shoulder, or restricted motion than those who don’t undergo massaging treatments. 

Aside from being effective in treating certain medical conditions, shoulder massages are also considered to be relaxing and therapeutic for relieving tension in the neck and spine area.

Massaging the shoulders is a great way to relieve stress and tension, whether it’s your own or somebody else’s. 

But there are different types of massages, and some are more effective than others. 

If you get lost in all the massage techniques out there, here are a few techniques to massage your shoulders successfully.

1. Deep tissue

Deep tissue massage can be very painful, but it’s also very good for you. 

You don’t have to believe me; you can decide for yourself after reading this.

In a deep tissue massage, you work the muscles. It targets all the muscles of the whole body, stretching and squeezing them to help get rid of muscle knots, relieve tension, and waste away of tissues.

Deep tissue massages are used for treating injuries, providing support after exercise and long periods of standing, and reducing chronic pain. 

This treatment is not intended to be particularly relaxing; a massage therapist works with muscle tension but does not push past discomfort.

If you decide to get massage therapy, a good therapist will often be able to give you what you need, or at least very close.   

The proper way for a massage therapist to do deep tissue work is to use more concentrated pressure rather than more sustained pressure. 

If your shoulder/neck pain is severe enough that it makes you scream out loud the moment the therapist touches your muscles, then you need even more intense pressure, which might be provided by an expert or a senior therapist. 

2. Thumb Crawling Technique

Thumb Crawling Massage is a very simple, ingenious, and inexpensive technique that can be used to move the Myofascial System. 

The MFS includes tissues that are within or deep to the joints, sheets of connective tissue, or fascia that cover the deep muscles and bones of the body.

t’s like the ancient practice of reflexology but on steroids. 

Instead of focusing on points on the body, there is a wider range of pressure delivered to many points, simultaneously. 

For massaging your shoulders, it is an epic technique. 

Here I share the idea and how you can use this method in your own lifestyle…

  • Press your thumbs into the meatiest part of your shoulders
  • Push your thumbs gradually down towards the spine
  • Your thumbs should be the same level and facing each other when inside your body
  • Repeat 4 or 5 times

Yet Another Reason To Get a Shoulder Massage…

Ah, a well-deserved shoulder massage is a great gift. 

There are many areas to enjoy and reap the benefits of receiving a shoulder massage. The first area you can receive the massage is along with the benefits of a shoulder massage

Shoulder massage may be a small thing, but it has great benefits especially to those who are always on their laptops and use excessive hand movements. 

The stress brought by work and other responsibilities is hard to erase. When one is stressed, they are always on their computer trying to finish up tasks in the shortest time possible.

However, this often means that the shoulder muscles become tense. A shoulder massage is said to keep stress away from people who suffer from it. 

It is equally miraculous for those with stiff backs, as it increases the flexibility of the body and keeps the body relaxed. 

There are several therapeutic benefits associated with a shoulder massage:

  • Relax the muscles 
  • Aids in improving sleep patterns for those who have sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • Increase blood supply
  • Treats sports injuries 

Best Shoulder Massage Tools

Declare a personal healing time with our best rated neck and shoulder massage tools

Whether you want to spread relaxation, relieve stress, or just treat yourself to an indulgent massage, these tools make it easy to incorporate daily self-care into your busy day. 

With two different ways to use the tools, try the rolling method on your own shoulders, or have a friend help you with the direct massage technique. 

The tools are designed for easy handling and come in a convenient carrying case for on-the-go convenience. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know what to focus on…you should start benefiting from the best massage for shoulder pain with different tips, topics, and fun massages discussed in the article. 

You never know which ones will land the best for you!

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