Best Massage Chairs Under $500

Have you ever had a massage that not only relieved your pain but also got rid of all your built-up stress and frustration? …Or maybe you haven’t. 

For the rest of us, though, massage chairs are our go-to for taking some time out to relax and destress. 

Get the benefits of a massage in the comfort of your home or office. 

Feather-touch foot rollers, kneading cushion, and airbags deliver soothing relief to help relieve muscle soreness.

From the best massage chairs under $500 below, we can see that the products differ in size, performance, function, and modes of massage. 

When looking for a massage chair, please keep the listed guide in mind to avoid wasting money on a bad one that will not serve any purpose.

Best Massage Chairs Under $500

Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner Chair Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner Chair
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MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner
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Comhoma Leather Modern Rocker Recliner Chair Comhoma Leather Modern Rocker Recliner Chair
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HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Massage Chair HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Massage Chair
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OWAYS Rocking Massage Chair OWAYS Rocking Massage Chair
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Recliner Chair and Ottoman Set Recliner Chair and Ottoman Set
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Esright Massage Recliner Chair Esright Massage Recliner Chair
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Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair
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KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair
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Devoko PU Leather Recliner Massage Chair Devoko PU Leather Recliner Massage Chair
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Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner Chair

Do you want a massage chair that will last for years or one that will be ready to be thrown away in 6 months? 

Roll with a better product that will last longer and offer a great ergonomic experience with the highest quality fabric and components that worth every penny.

This is a good example of a high-quality product from an established brand. 

Some people will be tempted to buy this chair not because it’s cheap, but because it’s from a reputable company that makes great products. 

The smart mechanics of this chair will enhance the effectiveness, user experience, and comfort of your massage. 

Find the key benefits here!

It comes with dual USB charging ports, built-in 8 powerful massage motors, side pockets, the upholstery of the microsuede, making it ultra-soft, and much more. 

Thanks to its eight vibration motors to relax every inch of your back, thighs, and calves. 

Additional heat therapy in the lumbar area of this chair boasts its credibility that helps to loosen your muscles. 

It would be better if the manufacturers have put an effort into installing dual or quad rollers but doing that would also have increased its price drastically. 

Even after considering the limitations of this product we are honestly in a view that the company has rightly named it. Indeed, it’s an investment in your health and happiness.

  • Stylish and modern appearance steal off hearts
  • It features 5 levels of intensity 
  • Features more than 8 massage modes Dual USB ports
  • It reclines and has a soothing lumbar heat option in lumbar support
  • Leg rest is hard to open up
  • Lack of rock function

Verdict: The best massage recliner for the price. Great for those on a limited budget, or who just need something to relax in after a big day at the office. With its affordable price tag, you still get a durable foam cushion and a fully adjustable massage system that allows you to control the intensity of your massage.

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

Magic Chair = Magic Massage!

The Magic Union does things normal massage chairs can’t because it uses magic. (Not really. It’s electric. And pretty.)

The Magic Union is an uncomplicated competitor in the massage chair industry. 

This massage chair is a great fit for those who are on a budget but still want to enjoy a good massage.

A chair that’s designed to work on every part of your body, the Magic Union is a great addition to anyone’s massage therapy routine. 

Let’s say that you weigh 240lbs. You can go up to 330lbs without worrying about the machine breaking down and not supporting your weight.

Looking for something that will pamper yourself? 

This chair comes with a range of features like lumbar heat, waterfall seat, flexible headrest and much more. 

 Sitting doesn’t have to be boring. 

Have a vibration massage with room-temperature lumbar heat — all contained in a chair that vibrates to the beat of your favorite music and images coming from your favorite video source. 

Forgiving your back without a masseur, that’s what this chair offers. This is the ultimate product for office lovers and working men. 

This ergonomically designed chair with exclusive features gives you a quality shiatsu massage. 

If you are seeking a relaxing massage without running off to the local spa we recommend this one.

When you buy this chair, your household will never lack the elegance of well-being. 

We called it an office chair, but we did not call it that for nothing. Those who sit for most of the day can use this amazing office massage chair. 

The Office Massage Chair! 

Another distinguishing feature of this chair is its secret compartment that allows you to hide your valuables such as jewelry or cash. 

Try their massage chair & do research on its durability. 

The other users might be writing a highly positive review for keeping in mind the price and usefulness, but there are some serious concerns regarding durability too. 

  • Features a power lift function 
  • Customizable
  • Has a timer 15/30/60 mins
  • 5 optional modes for massage
  • Features a footrest
  • Does not operate manually 
  • Owns heat functions for the lumbar area
  • Thick padded headrests
  • Robust frame 
  • High-quality motor 
  • Upholstered with bonded leather, which is not breathable and does not absorb sweat

Verdict: It is among the most versatile and decent pieces of furniture that serve its purpose.

Comhoma Leather Modern Rocker Recliner Chair with Heated Massage

The ComHoma home theatre chair is perfect for video game lovers and movie buffs. 

We all agree that each person has different needs. 

This recliner chair allows you to recline in up to nine distinct positions as well as giving you the ability to choose the massage, vibration, and heating functions that best suit your needs. 

It can also be used anywhere from a dorm room to a patio and everywhere in between. 

No doubt, it’s an all-around entertainment system which means this chair will fit everyone. 

The headrest of this chair is adjustable along with the backrest.

Away from home we always want to have access to our favorite snacks and drinks. It’s hard to find one place that has everything you want. 

ComHoma thought this was frustrating! 

They designed the ComHoma 8-in-1 Recliner Massage Chair to help people relax and feel at home anywhere. 

This furniture is fully equipped with remote control, Bluetooth speakers, two USB charging ports, massage functions in five zones, cup holders, vibration motors, and heating elements.

Woah, this bean bag has got a lot of features inside its built-in functions.

Isn’t it?

We have the perfect item to make your patio, balcony, or home a haven for outdoor fun and relaxation. 

Indeed, this is designed with simplicity in mind and a comfortable design as well. 

The lounger is built with powder-coated steel to keep it from rusting and fading away in the weather over time. 

Moreover, it’s an all-welded frame that has been finished off with powder coating to give it both protection against the elements and a sleek finish. 

It also features soft padding making it extra comfortable for you to layout on while soaking up some rays or enjoying a nice evening breeze.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Cup holders provided
  • Gradual heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Not the best quality unit
  • Warranty not specified

Verdict: It’s an affordable but a bit low-quality reclining seat so you need to be extra conscious to prevent it from wear and tear.

HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Massage Chair

Imagine this: It’s been a long day. All you want to do is sit back and enjoy your favorite TV show in this amazing recliner. 

But it doesn’t quite fit the look of your living room. 

That’s okay because, with an easy click of a button, the entire chair quickly and easily reverses into a stylish ottoman that blends right in. 

No-fuss, no mess. And best of all, it does so without sacrificing comfort. 

It’s a better way to enjoy home entertainment. 

We know you’ve got a busy schedule, so we won’t waste your time. Watch what you want, when you want on any screen. 

Don’t forget to watch TV on the world’s most comfortable couch.

Watch it or lounge in it.

You’ll find a ton of different benefits that you’ll get from using this particular cushion, and we want to tell you all about it.

Getting an adequate amount of blood circulating is a proven way to alleviate muscle aches, help expedite tissue healing, and reduce the feeling of fatigue. 

With this massage chair, you can get a massage whenever and wherever you want.

Replace kneading one muscle at a time with hundreds of kneads from one handheld device.

This massage chair comes with two modes of operation

One is the Shiatsu massage as described above. The second mode is a gentler rolling massage meant to loosen you up.

Roller mode is just like having a personal masseuse!

The massager has three modes of vibration, a white noise generator to relax and help you sleep, it’s able to flex and rotate and come with an optional extension arm. 

It includes a carrying sleeve and it has an auto-timer and auto-sleep mode.

Offering you a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Whether you’re short or tall, young or old, we guarantee you will find relief for your stiff muscles.

  • Great Value.
  • Two massage modes.
  • A lot of customizable option
  • Heat functionality
  • Easily adjustable according to height.
  • Breathable fabric
  • Shiatsu is a rough massage for people with injuries.
  • The cushion is not very comfortable when the massager is not working

Verdict: With a whole lot to offer including strength, durability, and style, the HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Cushion Massager is designed to look good in your home and with an overall unique design, the chair not only looks great but also performs well. 

Built to last, this is one impressive piece of equipment for those looking for a top massage chair with quality features and a sleek design.

OWAYS Rocking Massage Chair

This Oways massage chair has an adjustable headrest, so it’s easy for you to sit back and relax. 

The hum and vibrating function of this unit enables you to unknot tight muscles and stress away with the aid of seat vibration, air pressure, and kneading massage. 

With adjustable heat and angle, you can easily choose a comfortable setting.

This massage chair is loaded with intuitive and beneficial features for soothing your whole body experience. 

A rechargeable battery, Bluetooth audio speakers, air massage, heater, speakers and more will have you adjusting the settings to your preferences in no time!

A recliner is just what you need after a long day. 

This one has a higher backrest and extra cushioning on the seat to provide you the best comfort.

The angle of the back is movable, allowing you to adjust it as you sit. 

Thanks to the handrails, you don’t have to worry about standing up from sitting or falling either.

The massage can be set so that it goes in the back and forth or circular motion, and it is very flexible and easy to move around after it is extended.

What makes this massage chair so special is the fact that it can twirl around right when you get out of it. 

This allows you to stretch your body before getting up to leave and it also brings you full circle so that you can easily climb back into the chair.

On top of that, it has a sophisticated look and design that blends perfectly with any decor from contemporary to traditional making it the perfect addition to your favorite chair in the den, living room, or even your bedroom.

Overall, an effective and stunning massage chair with a generous warranty of 10-years that many of you can use to enhance your living room for longer years to come ahead.

  • Stunning looks
  • Remote provided
  • Multiple designs to pick from
  • 10-year warranty
  • Limited padding
  • Manual requires revision

Verdict: Sleek and elegant, the Oways massage chair is a great option for those looking to get a massage at home. 

The controls are intuitive and easy to learn. And the chair offers long-lasting durability. It’s a beautiful addition to any room in your house. We only wish for improvement in its manual.

Recliner Chair and Ottoman Set | Made with PU Leather

The massage performance of this massage chair has fast action on your body and followed with a high definition and very cheap price. 

It is available in both single seats and double seats, such as the 13s massaging chair and the 14s massaging chair.

You can choose from 8 massages including arm/hand vibration, heated seat, and foot massage, knee massage, leg/calf massage, calf stretching, and head and neck massage. 

The chair can be folded if you want to store it in a closet. 

It is so easy to share the joy of relaxation and comfort from this chair. And equipped with a warning light that will be turned off at any time when you sit on the chair or get up.

If it’s a fancy massage chair you want, meet the Windaze Massage Chair with Chair and foot massage. 

This one comes with this versatile design and packaging, making it a fabulous massage chair that will make your room noteworthy! 

The chair is made to fit in your bedroom, living room, patio or where you prefer for massage. 

The 360-degree swivel on the chair enables you to spin freely all around the chair during massaging. 

It can be used either way; sit in the chair or an ottoman of the chair for relaxing stretching or stretching your muscle’s stress and pain.

This massage leather chair has the power of a whole-body massage, ensuring that you are massaged all around your body from head to toe. 

All nine sections of the chair are well supported by the high tech and premium parts from Japanese manufacturer. 

The swiveling massaging cushion is able to relax your leg muscles and re-energize your body.

Windaze massage chairs are also equipped with a shape massage function which simulates the movement of the animals’ body. 

Just lie down on it and sink in the most charming moments which can be felt around your body with super comfort and zero EMR

Such fantastic moments can only be found by the Windaze brand massage chair.

Sink into this chair for a soothing massage designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

  • Eye-catching ergonomic design and solid wood frame increase its durability
  • Easy to assembled chair
  • Featuring a lumbar heating system
  • Equipped with 8 massage points
  • Heating pads placed in neck, thighs, waist and pedal
  • Lack of vibrating massage function

Verdict: The Black Classy Beauty Massage Chair is built with the newest heavy-duty motor imported from Germany which enables it to reach high performance and high durability. 

Along with an independent control system, you can choose a variety of massage modes and target a specific muscle group.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair | Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge Chair

Did you know your body is designed to sit? 

Humans were never meant to stand. Esright Chair was designed to help relieve discomfort from the standard chair.

Nestled cozily in your easy chair, this Esright will help you kick back, relax, and let go. 

Your body will thank you for it in the morning.

One of the best things about this chair is that it lets you adjust its tilt and height. This means that it will give you a close-to-absolute angle of comfort. 

Say goodbye to the aches and pain that accompany sitting on the hard seat of your office chair. 

You are not spending enough time away from work. 

Get Esright recliner, and you can enjoy the comfort to the fullest extent. 

This chair makes a great birthday or holiday gift for people of all ages. 

It has heated seats, a longer massage function, and the lumbar support will leave you feeling fully restored. 

Just after a single-use, you’re going to be 100% refreshed. 

Stretch out in the sheer softness of the space-age fabric. It feels like you are enveloped by a cloud. Your body will thank you and your boss will notice. 

Many at-home or in-store massages work on your parts of the body, but a good number of them are quite pricey but this magical chair will let you get all that relaxation you need in your small room at no cost. 

Living room. Bedroom. Kitchen. Bathroom. No matter where you are in the house, this one fits all your needs and makes you feel like you’re at home.

You owe it to yourself and your family to make more time for each other, but financial constraints are getting in the way. 

This affordable furniture is a great alternative that lets you spend more quality time per day with your loved ones.

For sure you’ll be the coolest person at your home with this chair. It’s more than just a recliner. 

  • Cozy design 
  • Comfortable seating 
  • Offers you ample storage space 
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Inclines 150 degrees reclining angle.
  • Reliable functions 
  • Durable 
  • Features an automatic shut off operation 
  • The rotating feature needs improvement 
  • It offers you massage and heating at the same time even if you do not wish for it 

Verdict: It is perfect for enjoying the freedom of any room where you are, from the comfort of your living room to the tranquility of your bedroom.

With this recliner, you will receive durability and lasting comfort, guaranteed!

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Say goodbye to that car trip to the massage therapist. 

This chair is great for fighting sore muscles and easing tension after a workout, as well as easing the stress of your everyday life. 

Just under $500 let the chair take over. It’s the answer to everybody’s part that hurts. 

The shiatsu curve massage chair is designed to last with a sturdy build and extensive use of cushioned parts. 

This powerful little massager puts a big weight on the pulse points of your body using Japanese Shiatsu massage techniques to ease tension and heal sore muscles – all without requiring you to be tethered to an outlet in a dark room.

It’s a massager AND a timer. If you’re busy, you can set it and come back to stress relief whenever you want.

The ergonomic curves ensure the massage rollers target the perfect pressure points on your back for complete relaxation. 

Feel your stress melt away in around 10 minutes as you experience a deep tissue Swedish-style massage that will target knots and tension in your back, neck, and shoulder muscles, without straining your body’s joints…

In short, it’ll not hurt your back and that will make it easier for you to enjoy the game, pay a hundred dollars. It’s a better deal. 

  • The control buttons operate flawlessly
  • It has wheels for easy movement
  • Very silent and comfortable
  • It has the ability to focus on a particular area during a massage
  • It is easy to clean and use
  • It comes fully assembled – just open it and enjoy
  • It doesn’t recline

Verdict: The shiatsu curve massage chair has everything you need to relax after a stressful day. 

With pre-programmable massage modes, heat and air pressure controls, neck roll, and napping functionality, this massaging recliner is the perfect way to unwind. Just sit back and let the chair do all the work.

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

If you are planning to buy a gaming chair then this one is a great option for you. It is made up of quality materials and guess what? 

It doesn’t break the bank either.  

The recliner feature is no joke and works perfectly. The overall material is so comfortable that you can even sleep on it after playing games all day.

It also comes with a back support pillow

Sadly, this chair doesn’t rock. The company has built this chair in a way that it can contour the shape of the human spine with the help of a back support pillow. 

If you’re a hardcore gamer and want to lean back after playing video games for hours, then here is something that this chair has to offer. 

The pillow on the upper rest part of the chair supports your neck and you can rest on it comfortably.

Due to the memory foam, the overall chair feels cushy. It is very easy to assemble, which means you can do it yourself too.

It is suggested to use the leather cleaner to keep the chair clean, avoid using soap and water for cleaning, or else you will dry out the leather.

The chair is fairly adjustable, you can even adjust the lower arch back cushion as well and make the overall experience comfy.

  • 180-degree recliner
  • Adjustable according to any size
  • High gauge stainless steel used
  • Back support.
  • Might hurt your tailbone after sitting for long hours.
  • The finishing might start to wear out after a couple of months.

Verdict: Considering the price point, don’t expect this chair to last for many years because for a high-quality option you have to pay a hefty price. 

It’s entirely up to you whether you should go ahead and buy a cheaper product that will be ready for dumpster use after a year of usage.

Or, you can choose to invest hundreds of dollars and buy a perfect product that will last for years.

Devoko PU Leather Recliner Massage Chair

Devoko massage chair is perfect for anyone who has to spend long shifts at the hospital, airport or anywhere else they can’t use a normal chair. 

The Devoko PU recliner is your on-demand massage chair. 

It’s not just a chair, it’s a new way to relax.

Perfect for watching TV, reading, or just laying back and relaxing. You can combine it with your favorite loveseat or sofa for even more comfort. 

Get extra relaxation with a micro-massage. 

There are many must-have features on this product. 

First, the frame is of a combination of metal and wood, it’s modern and sturdy. 

Second, there is extra padding in the back, lessening the impact upon the body when sitting for long hours watching TV. 

Third, it is fully adjustable for different usage in the house.

Interestingly, it is easy to set up, easy to clean, and even easier to maintain. 

The chair is entirely wireless. Subtract the electric cords and what you have left for a recliner is this thing. 

You can say “I need to watch a movie” and be on it in less than five minutes flat. 

Go out on a remote business trip, come home, put her into recline mode, sit in your chair and relax, it warms up fast and it’s remote-controlled. 

It’s a massage chair with a remote. Now you don’t have to remember to do it for yourself. 

The most comfortable chair that goes from super-relaxed straight to super-excited. 

However, what we don’t like about the product is its shorter warranty time that gets expired after a year.

The ease of use ensures that Devoko has very well thought about the usability experience of its customers. 

If you’re planning to set up this chair in an open area — the height and size of the model are the perfect matches. 

Unfortunately, it needs a lot of room to recline to 62 inches. Hence, it is not meant for small or tight living rooms.

  • Will save you a bundle.
  • Simple, minimal design.
  • Pre-assembled for quick setup
  • Waterproof 
  • Has a reclining angle of 180°
  • Comfortable seat with extra padding 
  • Sturdy and robust design 
  • Features thickly padded footrest
  • Anti-slip footrest 
  • Features fluffy and curved armrests
  • Only one-year warranty 
  • Can only bear 270lbs of user’s weight
  • Does not feature a lock mechanism for reclining position 
  • Slightly shorter arms 
  • Not a space-savvy design 

Verdict: If you’re looking for the ultimate seat for an open area, you just found it. Couple that with our relaxation technology, and you might never again leave your chair!

Buying Guide for Best Massage Chairs Under $500

It can be frustrating sometimes to look for the best massage chairs under $500

There are many massage chairs in the market today that offer so much comfort and relaxation at a reasonable price. 

But, getting all of those without breaking your bank is a difficult thing to achieve. 

We have already made the selection and checking of the good reviews of the massage chair below $500 from Amazon. You can also read our Best Massage Chairs Under $200 for cheaper options.

Now, you might be asking, what qualifies a massage chair to be the “best”? 

And the answer is simply that you have to be in a comfortable and relaxed position when having your massage. 

You wouldn’t want to have your massage on a recliner or even a mattress. A soft and sturdy massage chair will provide you increased comfort.

We already know that buying a massage chair can be difficult. That is why it is a good idea to educate yourself before you get one. 

There are a lot of different manufacturers and models out there. On top of that, they have a lot of different settings and features, which can make you feel overwhelmed. 

In this guide, we will see what factors matter when buying a chair and the best budget massage chair available now on the market.

The Size:– When deciding on the right massage chair for your needs, take into account the amount of space you have available. 

Obviously, an outdoor model would not be suited for a small apartment. Just as obviously, a floor model may not be practical if you lack adequate storage space. 

If you intend to use your massage chair outside, make sure it is weather-resistant and has a safety cord.

The Features:– Massage chairs are designed to mimic a human massaging you. 

With no clutter to get in the way of your massage and convenient magazine pockets for you to store spa reading material or your mobile phone, there will be no reason for you to ignore this feature!

They also come with an impressive array of musical amenities. Bluetooth compatible speakers! 

Durability and Ease of use:- You should be interested in safety, durability and ease of use. 

It is important that the massage chair is easy and safe to use, durable without frequent replacement and above all else — effective. 

Product features, specifications, or descriptions should support these things.

The warranty and Customer Care Service:- With a product so simple, the warranty becomes even more important. 

Be sure you are dealing with a manufacturer authorized reseller when you place your order. 

If not, be aware that your product may not contain the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty. 

Also, look for the products that spare no effort to provide the highest standard of Customer Care Service to each and every customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re explaining a massage chair to your family or friends you might encounter the following questions we’ve explained below:

  • How long does it take to assemble?

    Each massage chair is different in how it will be assembled. 

    But we’ve come up with a general 5-step Checklist:

    1: Find a comfortable chair that fits your office or home and set it to stationary.

    2: Get hold of the assembly instruction, confirm there are all the parts.

    3: Ensure that you have adequate access to tools.

    4: Identify where jams can occur, ie. where the seat and back folds or connects with the legs. Protect this area with some masking tape.

    5: Simple Guide For Assembling Leather Office

    The assembling process can take as little as a few minutes if you pick a user-friendly model.

  • What is bonded leather?

    Bonded leather is a popular fabric type to cover massage chairs but note that it’s not 100% leather. 

    It’s a mixture of fabrics and leather that gives your massage chair its durability, while it also softens up to the touch. 

    However, bear in mind that just because a chair has bonded leather, doesn’t mean it isn’t animal friendly as well. 

    Some chairs are made from genuine leather and just mixed with other types of material.

  • Are massage chairs good after a workout?

    Massage chairs are great after a long day or a grueling workout. 

    The pressure point massage is designed to relieve muscle stress, improve blood circulation, and increase energy. Aromatherapy can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

    And with our high-tech massage chairs, you can enjoy these features in the comfort of your own home. 

    Massage chairs aren’t just for relaxation during the evening; you can use them in the morning too to help you wake up & reduce fatigue.

  • Can massage chairs be harmful?

    The concept of massage chairs is based on the idea that our bodies are made up of pressure points, which, when pressed through movements or vibration, helps relieve muscle and joint pain. 

    This isn’t the problem. The problem lies in the type of massage a chair might provide…

  • Are massage chairs Good for circulation?

    Yes! Massage chairs are designed to target specific acupressure points on the body and relieve muscle stiffness. 

    They have also been known to promote blood circulation. 

    When seated in the chair, it is recommended that you remain still for at least 20 minutes. 

    I’ll leave you with this quote--any activity which promotes laziness is a form of exercise. ~Lily Tomlin

Final Words

Now, which one should you pick? 

To us, it is simple and for you, we’ve made it the simplest by compiling the best massage chairs under $500. 

And, do refer to the buying guide in the article so that you don’t miss out on the details. 

Now, you can have all the massages you dream of right in your own home. And it won’t break the bank. Why wait any longer?

We deeply wish that you have a blissful massage session every time you use the chair.

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